Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have so many thoughts.

The first conclusion I’m drawing is we need to seriously broaden our definition of sex. Especially in light of the intense sexual energy that’s both in the Trinity and in the interaction between us and God, sex is not just about penetrating genitals. What if sex is simply about the giving and receiving of love in its vast spectrum? Would we be cool with knowing God has sex with us and vice versa? Would we be cool knowing we could have sex in unconventional relationships like family members and such?

The second conclusion is understanding timing is so unbelievably essential to our existence. From our sleep cycle to the menstrual cycle (which makes me wonder if that plays a role in the Genesis story), there is a time for everything. And I think, in regards to the right timing for sex, specifically the kind that involves a male and female penetration, the question to answer is are you both ready to bring forth life?

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Learning to be human. Learning to love bigger.

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