Shout-out to all the writers out there!

Thanks for contributing to my growth

Typically, I associated writing with the panic of completing a class assignment that is a large percentage of my grade after procrastinating for days. I’m having anxiety just thinking about that. Yet, somehow I ended up on Medium writing for…fun?

I never imagined that. After sixteen years of schooling — that’s being judged for sixteen years, most of which includes my writing— why in the world would I be writing for fun? Do you realize some of you are writing RESEARCH PAPERS for fun? Do you not remember five paragraph essays with introductions, supporting paragraphs, conclusions and APA style citations due in two weeks? Nightmares!

I know what it is. It’s the money isn’t it? I’ve seen some of those articles you post: “This Is How Much You Can Make” blah, blah, blah. Okay, showoff. I get it. You can write and make that money. Call me bitter because I don’t have a dime to my name. But still, you’re writing a RESEARCH PAPER!

Well, I didn’t understand this concept of writing for fun until now. I always thought writing was completely out of my realm. Don’t get me wrong. I could bust out a solid research paper for an A- but that’s the extent of it. I don’t think I have the creative finesse for words.

Then I realized, I’m not writing for the creative finesse. I write to heal. I write to express myself. I write for all the corny reasons people tell you to write. But I’m grateful that I can now understand those corny reasons for writing. It’s helped me process things going on in my head which then leads to healing.

But I’m also unbelievably grateful to all those that follow their muse and write. Writing changes the world; another corny thought but so true. I’m grateful for the writers that can capture my imagination and take me on a journey never imagined, especially those Fan Fiction writers and their slow burns! I’m so grateful for all the writers out there that are vulnerable enough to give me a peek into their soul. Believe that your perspective is valuable to me. I love bigger as I see the vast scope of the human experience through your writing. I’m grateful for the writers that are generous and kind enough to share their knowledge with the masses. Sharing truly is caring. You are elevating the culture and helping us to go higher and further.

In a nutshell, writing has changed my life. More specifically, you writers have changed my life. Come to think of it, I see your writing as an expression of love for people you may never meet. So thank you all for sharing your love.

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Learning to be human. Learning to love bigger.

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