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First and foremost, huge shout-out to Sierra DeCarmen for her inspiration to do this. She wrote this delightful piece that made me smile because it is so me.

Second, I’ll establish the fact that Medium is my glorified diary because I do not own a diary or a Twitter account for such things as this. Sometimes I just want to get stuff out of my head so here we go.

A full fridge plays a critical role in my identity. Psychoanalyze that however you please but it’s just a matter of fact as of now. It makes me feel like I’ve finally achieved the status of an official mom because other moms always have their fridge filled to brim for their family, right?

I have a very, very passionate love affair with Trader Joe’s. He satisfies me in ways no other supermarket has — until today. BJs was always just a booty call for the handful (or cart full) of household items needed on a monthly basis whereas, with Trader Joe’s, we were together every other day. However, today I spent some quality time with BJs and boy did she meet my needs in a way I didn’t know I needed. Cost-effective, organic products in bulks? Yes, baby! Yes! Oh YES!

Why am I even thinking of attempting to meal prep. Every other time has proven to be a failure. If bullet journaling couldn’t help me with it, I don’t think anything can. But I need to stay mommy official! Moms meal prep, right?

Nothing says mommy official like being in the PTA and a Room Parent. But, dang, this was rather soon. I thought I’d be three kids deep with a minivan and in my mid thirties before I took on such roles. My sons three and in school for two days out the week for a total of eight hours, people. Is it worth it? To be mommy official? Yes.

Well, that was fun! Thanks for indulging me.

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