Hi, I’m human.

Why is that important for you to know

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I randomly decided one day that if I ever get to introduce my self, it would go as follows:

“Hello, I’m Jessica, and I’m a human.”

I haven’t tried it out yet, but I imagine the stranger I’m introducing myself to would have some kind of look that reads “O…kayyy.”

Yes, I’m human. Hopefully, it’s evident from just looking at me. I promise I’m no alien. However, the fact of my humanity has taken a whole new meaning to me recently, and I’m truly learning what it means to be human. So when I introduce myself or plan to introduce myself as a human, the goal is for that statement to reveal two intrinsic truths about me and us:

First, despite, what you see at first glance, be it my dark skin color, acne scars, nappy hair, glasses, stained/wrinkled clothes, or cool shoes, we have something in common. We’re both humans. Even beyond the biological reasons for that being true, I’m sure I’ve cried like you. I’ve most likely laughed like you. We’ve probably shared some of the same emotions. Who knows, we may have even shared similar experiences. So there’s a possibility we could relate to each other. We could have a common ground despite our differences.

Second, I was made by Love, for love, to love. What that means is that my essence, my purpose, the reason for my existence is love. I’m a product of love, not necessarily love between my parents because, unfortunately, I don’t think that that was the case. However, I’m a product of love because I believe Love itself, the Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus were so overflowing with love that they created humanity. So I exist to be loved by that endless source of Love until I’m overflowing and can’t help but share that love with every other human around me. Fellow stranger, you too were made by Love, for love, to love. Understanding that truth changes everything.

So those are the two important points I want others to know about Jessica. The human. However, there are things I need to learn for myself about the Human Jessica. And I’m really excited to be on that journey thus far. With that said, let me reintroduce myself.

Hi, I’m Jessica. And I’m a human.

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Learning to be human. Learning to love bigger.

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